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Professional Sangria with Don Simon Sangria  
Since restaurants and bars are not all equally equipped in terms of storage place & cold storage place and are not organized the same way for the service, we have listed 3 different ways of preparing Sangria with the Don Simon Sangria from the most simple to the most elaborate:

Simplest way:

No ingredients added

Keep the Don Simon BIB in the fridge at 4-6 degrees Celsius at all time. Upon the customer order, pour a full glass of Sangria still cold and add a slice of orange on the edge of the glass as decoration (to present it as a cocktail) plus a little bit of ice. This is really the sangria with the minimum preparation.


Middle way:

Last minute addition of fruits and liquor

Keep the Don Simon BIB in the fridge at 4-6 degrees Celsius at all time. Upon the customer order, pour 2/3 of the glass with Sangria still cold and add some liquor of your choice. We recommend rum or for an even smaller price, Saengsom. In our view, the amount of liquor you want to add depends on how the sangria is served. If you serve it by the glass, then the proportion of liquor might be higher as you would want the customer to feel that sangria is like a cocktail. If you serve it by the jug of 1 liter, the proportion of liquor does not have to be that high as sangria is more consumed then as a refreshment (let’s not forget the Don Simon sangria is already at 7% alcohol).

Then add a portion of fruits (already prepared and mixed in a container with a bit of sangria). For the fruit preparation, you have to cut them (your choice of orange, pineapple, watermelon and/or apple) in small slices or cubs and soak them with Don Simon sangria so that the sangria penetrates the fruits). This sangria preparation process is probably the best way to achieve a true sangria taste with a minimum preparation.


Elaborate way:

1 night of letting fruits and liquor soak in the sangria

In order for the sangria to absorb more fruitiness and for the fruits to absorb more wine and liquor, the best way (but more cumbersome) is to mix the fruits and the liquors of your liking the night before in jugs and seal each jug with a cellophane wrapping (sangria is still made of wine, so we have to care for the minimum contact with air on a long period of time). Then keep all the jugs in the fridge until service. But for that you need a lot of storage place in your fridge in order to have enough every time for 1 night of sales of sangria.


Temperature and Ice: The sangria must be as cold as possible before adding any ice cubes in it for the service as you want the sangria to be diluted as little and slowly as possible. This is why it is best to keep the sangria in the fridge until the service. This dilution also depends of course on the “room temperature” which could be out door. The best is to try by yourself to set the amount of ice you have to add.

The Perfect Glass: Since sangria has sometimes a lot of ingredients which are not consumed and have to be filtered by the mouth, it is much better to have a glass shaped as a whiskey glass (large and low) than a high glass. Also, we should never use a glass which has a stem (except if you want the customer to confuse sangria with wine!).