Welcome to Wine Not Limited
A professional Wine Importer in Thailand.

Wine Not Limited represents small vineyards in Chile, Spain and France that are committed to the typification of their wine as well as the highest standards of quality. The quality of their products is reflected through a common approach to winemaking, emphasizing manual harvesting, absence of pesticides, and non-usage of chemicals. Many of these estates have been awarded the ”Bio“ label, guaranteeing the most natural and healthy wines.

These winemakers are all members of a very exclusive and sought-after quality circle. Indeed, in France to be accepted in the “Club des Vignerons Laureats”, a vineyard must have obtained at least a Gold Medal at the Concours General de l’Agriculture de Paris in the last 2 years. Our selection of vineyards reflects a constant search for highest quality producers which are not necessarily world-renowned brand, but definitely offer the best value for money.

Also, because Wine Not Limited not only buys directly from the vineyards but also has developed exceptional relationship with them, we can offer unbeatable pricing and the highest level of quality. We are not importing anonymous products; we are truly the representative of the vineyard, ready to bring to you the specificity, the history and the love of winemaking of each of the vineyards we represent in every country we are present.

Finally, we have given ourselves the mission of bringing to the residents of Thailand the typicity and highest quality of wines through strong and long-lasting partnerships with our associates: restaurants, hotels, supermarkets. Since our partners expectations are truly fulfilled, we have enjoyed an exceptionally high level of partner loyalty.